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Atlanta High School Art Exhibition
Next spring in the 78th Atlanta Dogwood Festival
April 11 - 13, 2014

Logo design by Abigail Kim, Junior,
North Gwinnett High School, 2011.
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2013 Best of Show

Camille Pettit
Parkview High School Sophomore
pen and ink
Judy Nollner, instructor

2013 Third Place

Elizabeth Dickerson
Woodward Academy Senior
analog photrography/platinum palladium process
Chris Greenway, instructor
AHSAE recent awards
Southeast Festival and Event Association
2013 Silver Kaleidoscope Award for
Best Event Within An Event
in the 2012 Atlanta Dogwood Festival

International Festivals & Events Association
2012 Silver Pinnacle Award for
Best Educational Program
in the 2012 Atlanta Dogwood Festival

International Festivals & Events Association
2012 Bronze Pinnacle Award for
Best Event (within an existing festival)
in the 2012 Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Southeast Festival and Event Association
2011 Silver Kaleidoscope Award for
Best Event Within An Event
in the 2010 Atlanta Dogwood Festival

2014 Calendar TBA
January, 2014: Call for Art posted on this page
Third week of February 2014: CD submission deadline
April 11 - 13, 2014: AHSAE Exhibition in the Atlanta Dogwood Festival
Sunday at Dogwood: 3rd Annual Art Throwdown scrimmage in front of the AHSAE
Sunday at Dogwood: People's Choice / Throwdown / AHSAE awards

Find photos of the artists, work, award events, and the AHSAE in the 77th Atlanta Dogwood Festival.
2013 Judges
Lucinda Bunnen
Veronica Kessenich
Ayokunle Odeleye

2013 Second Place

Sophia Tigges
The Paideia School Junior
Dianne Bush, instructor

Scroll down to find the 2013 sponsors who gratiously donated scholarships, internships, workshops, college art classes, art center art classes, private studio mentorships, arts organization memberships, printing, tickets, and supply money for the award winners' classes.

For information, or to add your email to the 2014 AHSAE Call for Art,
please contact: Cheryl Myrbo, Project Director
Atlanta High School Art Exhibition

2014 AHSAE information, mailing list

Scroll down for the names of the 2013 award winners.

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2013 AHSAE award winners at SCAD March 8. Left to right: 6th Place Emily Danielson, Norcross HS, 4th Place Sarah Tucker, Parkview HS, 9th Place Tylor Hepner, East Coweta HS, 10th Place Emma Blessing, Kennesaw Mtn. HS, Honorable Mention Joiana Hooks, Riverwood HS, 5th Place Deidra Ricketts, Harrison HS, 8th Place Kimberly Coleman, Roswell HS, Best of Show Camille Pettit, Parkview HS.

March 26, 5 - 6 am in the CBS television studios on CBS Better Mornings, the first live Art Throwdown of 2013 took place among three schools:
Grady team Surayya Nkosi and coach John Brandhorst, North Gwinnett team Christine Ku and Ashley Pham and coach Debi West, North Springs team Seo Yun Bai (Sabrina) and Gaby Velez and coach Ashley Sweat.
The final collaborations are pictured below.

This year's 4th Metro Atlanta Art Throwdown will begin at Grady High School Sunday morning April 21,
and continue to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in front of the AHSAE / Community Center at 1 pm.
Visit the Atlanta Dogwood Festival and be sure to go to the AHSAE to see talented high school artists compete live!

In the studio right before the camera was live for the first bit.
The vote on the AHSAE facebook page for the CBS Throwdown winner lasted one week (nearly 300 votes), and the clear winner this year was the team from North Gwinnett High School, Christine Ku and Ashley Pham.

Throwdown in the Atlanta Dogwood Festival on Sunday, on the lawn in front of the AHSAE. Competing schools were Grady, Atlanta Girls' School, North Gwinnett, North Springs and Parkview. All around winner was North Gwinnett High School, accumulating the most points from scrimmages in sculpture and ceramics at Grady HS, and sketching, collaborative collage and performance in the park. Grady won 2nd, North Springs 3rd, Parkview 4th, and Atlanta Girls' School came in 5th. For information about your school competing in next year's Throwdown in the park, contact
Cheryl Myrbo.

John Brandhorst talking to the artists before the competition (left), 20 minute sketch (right)

2013 AHSAE artists at Janet S. Day Gallery in the Art Institute of Atlanta April 7. Left to right: Best of Show Camille Pettit, Dakota Becker, East Coweta HS, Sophia Tigges (2nd Place, Paideia School), Elizabeth Dickerson (3rd Place, Woodward Academy), and Caroline LeDuc, (7th Place, Atlanta International School).

2013 AHSAE award winners American InterContinental University President's Lobby display.

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art "Meet the Artists" event, April 28, 2012.

The week after the 2013 Atlanta Dogwood Festival, 16 award winning pieces were displayed at the OUMA (Oglethorpe University Museum of Art) Center Gallery between two exhibitions: "Beta Israel: Ethiopian Jews and the Promised Land," and "Jiki to Hanga: Japanese Porcelain and Prints," opening to the public on May 12, 2013.

Director Elizabeth Peterson talked with each visiting high school artist about their work. Attending artists were Camille Pettit, Sophia Tigges, Elizabeth Dickerson, Diedra Ricketts, Emma Blessing, Elizabeth Williams and People's Choice winner Brooks Laurentino.

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2013 Award Winners

Best of Show
"Laura," Camille Pettit, Parkview High, Judy Nollner instructor
2nd Place
"Platter," Sophia Tigges, Paideia School, Dianne Bush instructor
3rd Place
"Roots," Elizabeth Dickerson, Woodward Academy, Chris Greenway instructor
4th Place
"Ebb and Flow," Sarah Tucker, Parkview High, Alexandra Scott instructor
5th Place
"White Wolf Spirit," Diedra Ricketts, Harrison High, Mary McCullough instructor
6th Place
"Pseudo Chaos," Emily Danielson, Norcross High, Martha Cook instructor
7th Place
"Untitled," Caroline LeDuc, Atlanta Girls' School, Susan Joss instructor
8th Place
"Vita et Morte," Kimberly Coleman, Roswell High, Travis Carr instructor
9th Place
"Fantasy," Tylor Hepner, East Coweta High, Patrice Newell instructor
10th Place
"Irony," Emma Blessing, Kennesaw Mountain High, Lauren Davis instructor

People's Choice
"Raven," Brooks Laurentino, Harrison High, Mary McCullough instructor

Honorable Mentions:
"Pretty Feet," Elizabeth Williams, Norcross High, Ashley Getz instructor
"Orbit," Malaak Ali, Norcross High, Kimberly Landers instructor
"Harsh Habitat," Meg Darnell, Milton High School, Heather Meyer instructor
"Light Bulbs," Joiana Hooks, Riverwood High, Ron Marstall instructor
"Super 8," Brandon Kim, Peachtree Ridge High, Joseph McSpadden instructor
"Blu," Lauren Burrows, Mill Creek High, Vicki Gladden instructor

2013 Judges
Ayokunle Odeleye
Lucinda Bunnen
Veronica Kessenich
References on request.

Congratulations to the 105 art students from around Atlanta who created artwork for the exhibition
in the 77th Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park, April 19 - 21, 2013.

"Thanks everyone for a successful day yesterday. I can't repeat this enough of how impressed I was by the young artists. . .not only for their incredible artwork, but for their poise and professionalism on camera. Their passion for their art was quite clear. It was inspiring to hear them talk of their work.
--Bill Murray, Art Institute of Atlanta, after CBS filming in gallery, 2013

"My daughter Madison Bass-Taylor and myself would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given to participate in the high school art show at the Dogwood Festival. My daughter goes to Woodward Academy and graduates this year. For her to be a part of the Dogwood show her senior year is so wonderful and will certainly be a feather in her cap for college. We are aware of the work involved doing a show of this scale and want you to know your efforts are appreciated."
--Beverly Bass and Madison Bass-Taylor, Woodward Academy 2013

"Thank you for taking the time print and hang Esperanza's artist statement. I think she is going to sell a print to someone who saw her work there, and now she's interested in pursuing photography as a career! Really, the experience seems like somewhat of a game-changer for her; and she's had a tough year, so it means a lot."
--Stephanie Routier, Roswell High School instructor, 2013

"We are so appreciative of all that you do. You inspire and encourage our young artists to be the best that they can be. You motivate and help bring out the best in them with your much appreciated incentives. Thanks a million!!"
--Teri Duperon, Tri-Cities High School parent, 2012

"You put together a wonderful and diverse student show. We went to the show because our daughter had a ceramic piece in it. We all meandered through the dogwood festival to find the exhibit. Our teenage son was not very excited about going until we reached the show. We got back to the car and he talked about all the pieces, his favorite was a painting of a boy trapped in the hood. We came to support our daughter but were pleasantly surprised by our sons interest and enthusiasm towards the students work! Thank you for giving our daughter a venue and our son a peeked interest! The arts are an amazing spiritual journey for all!! Thank you for all of your hard work."
--Julie Oster, Roswell High School parent, 2012

"My daughter's experience in the AHSAE at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival has been a highlight of her entire high school experience...Winning the Best in Show award has validated her sense of herself as an artist. In particular, the travelling exhibition that went from the Art Institute of Atlanta, to SCAD, to Oglethorpe University, and then American Intercontinental University helped her realize the breadth of the art educational world and the wider community of artists and designers. The "Meet the Artist" events were eye-opening occasions that introduced her to individuals and institutions that appreciate and nurture artistic expression at a level heretofore unknown to her. There was a moment at Oglethorpe University, in one of the best viewing galleries in Atlanta, where we saw her self-portrait displayed in the midst of a Matisse exhibit. The juxtaposition generated a sense of both humility and exhilarating potential that overwhelmed us both. Thanks to you and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival for the vision, dedication, and hard work that made that incredible afternoon a reality."
--Nancy Yarnell, Westminster School parent, 2010

"One of my students won best of show back around 1999 or 2000. It was his first art class and first real validation and encouragement as he didn't get much support from home regarding his art. He moved that summer and I lost touch with him, but recently reconnected online and found out that he had gone on to attend RISD and is a working artist in NYC now. I think that being in the exhibit that year helped him to see he should take his art seriously."
--Dianne Bush, South Gwinnett High School instructor, 2011

"It's truly been an honor to be part of this entire experience, and I'm eternally grateful for all of your efforts and help in making it all possible!! A couple months ago I would have never thought to have my worked displayed in universities, on TV, or at the dogwood festival!!!
The overall event has inspired me greatly as an artist, and fueled my passion for art in my theme of works."
--Mikhail Khoury, Second Place, Atlanta International School, 2011

2012/13 Sponsors
Sponsor website links below.

Watkins College of Art, Design & Film (Nashville): $26,000 in tuition scholarships
The Art Institute of Atlanta: Janet S. Day Gallery Exhibit (35 AHSAE pieces), tuition scholarship
The Art Institute of Atlanta: Summer Studio Atlanta scholarship
Savannah College of Art and Design: Summer Seminars Atlanta scholarship
Oglethorpe University Museum of Art: award winners' exhibit and critique
Dick Blick Art Materials: art supply funds
Red Wall Clayworks & Christine Tholl: classes, internship
Binders Art Supplies & Frames: art supply funds
Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation and Binders Art Supplies & Frames: "People's Choice Award"
SAM FLAX: art supply funds
Center for Puppetry Arts & Jeff Domke: school campus presentation (Best AHSAE Art Department)
American InterContinental University & Craig Brasco: weekend workshop
TOCO Hill Picture Framing: Best of Show framing
Speedpro Imaging & David Hightower: signage
Roswell Visual Art Center: class
Chastain Arts Center: summer class
Buckets of Color & Jessica Gordon: one-on-one workshop
High Museum of Art: family membership
Spruill Center for the Arts: two memberships
ART Station: pair of tickets

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