Circus Show

Cow Parade

StreetStage Atlanta


Costume, Prop, and Baggage:
Behind the Performance
1999 - 2001

Costume: The outer layer of the character. Garb defining a place, time, style, as well as role. In the art of performance the costume is meant to be the primary introduction to the viewer, designating whether the character is, for instance, comedic or tragic, major or minor, past or present.

Prop: An extension to the costume. Property of the character, intended to support the personality and act as a tool for the role.

Baggage: One's personal property, often moved from place to place. Also twentieth century slang for habits, passions, obsessions, situations and conditions.

I fell in love with a clown. Many of our friends are performers. Depicting them on stage in their act seemed redundant and it struck me that I am in a unique position: with my partner comes a backstage pass. I can catch performers behind the scenes in costume but dealing with everyday issues, and cast them in this imaginary circus to offer the viewer a backstage glimpse into that lifestyle.

"Portraits of tattooed ladies, tough bosses and Siamese twins show us real people with the quiet dignity of true professionals." Blue Greenberg, The Herald Sun