Trompe l'Oeil and the Mural**
Sophomore Courtyard, Chamblee High School
acrylic on panel

Residency for Junior High or High School students
Residency Artist Cheryl Myrbo

(trompe l'oeil : "to trick the eye.")
This residency program consists of working with history or art classes. First we conduct a slide/lecture/discussion session focusing on what life was like during these periods in history, ie. art, science, religion, superstition, and every day life. This segment can run from one class session to three, depending how in depth the discussion becomes. (Trompe l'oeil murals can be found as early as within the Roman architectural digs in Northern Italy. The technique had its heyday in the late 1800's with William Harnett and is experiencing a revival now.) We will teach the basics of trompe l'oeil: focusing on tight perspective; light and shadow. These will be applied in a final project: a trompe l'oeil mural of a window/doorway in the hallway of the school. Designs for the final mural will be chosen from assignments given the classes. In addition to class time, many after school hours will be spent working on the mural for five days to two or three weeks to finish without interfering with school activities.

**This workshop material is the copyright of Cheryl Myrbo and may not be copied or used in any form
unless Cheryl Myrbo will be conducting the workshop.

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